#DearMe at 10: You’ve always been faster, stronger, smarter than the boys at school. When the hormones start to kick in, the boy you like will like the girls that he can catch up to so he can kiss them. Don’t stop being better. Run hard, stay strong, and keep […]

My Health is in my Hands.

Three years ago, I had a strange health scare. I developed discoloration on my skin at my joints, followed by edema (swelling) of my legs and feet. I visited my primary care doctor soon after the swelling started, he put me on a basic anti-inflammatory and sent me home unimpressed. […]

My Lens of Depression

Last week, Dr. Sophia Yin committed suicide. Her death rocked me a bit more than Robin Williams’ in August (don’t get me wrong, that was a rough one too). I wrote this piece back when Mr. Williams died, but didn’t get around to posting quickly and started to doubt the […]